Expanding my mind…one neuron at a time

Okay, yes, I’m a skeptical person.  Maybe extremely so, in regards to some things.  However, last week I was flipping through channels, and for some reason (I don’t usually watch him) stopped on Dr. Oz.  His guest was Jean Haner, a woman who has studied and become an expert in face reading.  What’s that you say?  It’s an ancient Chinese discipline, where Chinese doctors of old days discovered that certain diseases and personality traits corresponded with certain traits on a person’s face.  Hocus-pocus perhaps, but part of the reason it was developed was that in olden times a male physician wasn’t allowed to touch female patients, and therefore they had to learn how to diagnose disease in other ways.  Western medicine is of course skeptical of anything not proven factually, but I am inclined to believe that something with centuries of data backing it up might have something to it.  Couple that with the fact that she read a few faces from the audience, and sure enough immediately diagnosed what their physical weaknesses were.

So, I was intrigued, more so by the personality aspect of it.  Supposedly  you can tell a lot about why you feel the way you do about things by your specific traits…one of which corresponds to all of us (water, wood, earth, fire, and metal).  I can picture some rolling their eyes now, and thinking I’ve gone off the deep end!  No, I’m still a Christian, it’s just there’s a lot to this…my sign is water, and it’s amazing how it correlates…waters like to have space, be fluid in their lives (i.e. moving a lot, not being tied down, lol), they like to sleep late and stay up late, they are dreamy and introspective.  I had to laugh when she described how a waters house is decorated…she said their artwork will often feature water.  Well I have three paintings of bridges, accompanied by water, and my Twitter background is of the ocean.  Perhaps a coincidence, but funny!  Then (this is REALLY weird), she talked about childhood stuff.  On the rims of your ears are zones that correlate with different years, and when there is a “flaw” of some sort it corresponds to the age you were when some trauma happened to you as a child.  SURE ENOUGH I have a nodule on the rim of my ear corresponding to the age of 10 and early teen years!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  Then she talked about wrinkles.  I thought I was so lucky not to have many, but oh no–laugh lines are very important, and the fact that I don’t many means my life hasn’t had as much joy as I’d like.  Then (this is amazing beyond belief) I do have one wrinkle, one straight line in between my eyes, that I naturally hate.  Well, of all things, what that means is that you had an either emotionally or physically absent father as a child!!  I’m sure I didn’t breathe for several seconds after I read that, couldn’t believe it.  How could those two things be just coincidence?

Then I’m reading about the wood personality traits now, and wow, is that ever Seth!  That person has very thick eyebrows, (as well as other traits of course), and they love to argue as teens, but they always call it “discussing”, lol.  I had to laugh, that was so funny, almost as if someone was watching behind the scenes!  It did say that’s a great trait in adulthood, that person will never let anyone push them around, and they often accomplish a lot.

Not sure about the rest of my family, and they’re probably dreading me “diagnosing” them, haha, but it’s so interesting…so that’s my story for the week, will see how it goes…if nothing else I’ll be more understanding of others, and compassionate, understanding how they function and think.  That alone is a great thing, and makes it all worth it, to me!


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